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Bearings Sales Corporation
Bearings Sales Corporation
Bearings Sales Corporation


Bearings Sales Corporation

Our reputed concern was established in 1990 at Thoothukudi and started servicing the market through the distribution of bearings and other industrial products at a competitive price. Our wide range of automotive, industrial bearings and other industrial products has enabled us to retain our undisputed leadership & expand our presence in the market. Our concern is the only place to find a range of industrial spares in Thoothukudi. Our primary objective is to satisfy the customers with their necessities in terms of quality & competitive price.

What We Do

Service is also an economic activity that creates value and provides benefits for customers at specific times and places by bringing about the desired change on behalf of the recipient of the service.

Bearings Sales Corporation


To provide industrial establishments with all their requirements under one roof with quality products and competitive prices, meticulously to satisfy the customer's requirements in all aspects. 

Bearings Sales Corporation


A dynamic team of sales and service professionals who provide quality sales and service in the distribution of bearings and related products, aiming for continuous growth.

Bearings Sales Corporation


Bearings are used in Salt refineries, Seafood processing units, Machine tools/CNC applications, Paper mills, Sawmills, Dealer networks, Lentil manufacturers, Automobiles, and others.

Service at Bearings Sales Corporation

Doorstep delivery of goods. 
Quality assurance at an affordable cost. 
Technical assistance for complicated issues.
Analyzing the customer's purchase and identifying their consumption to hold the right level of inventory.
Customer purchase, profile, and loyalty information ensure the delivery of a consistent experience.
Assists individual/institutional customers in the ordering and as appropriate, delivery of merchandise.
Supporting the industry consistently with their regular needs to establish the engineering environment.

Bearings Sales Corporation