Bearings Sales Corporation


Dealers Of

Bearings : SKF, NTN, NBC
Belts : PIX, Veegrip
Chains : Diamond, Rolon, Derby
Pulley : Fenner, Powertech
Couplings : Fenner, Lovejoy
Seals : JK Pioneer
Hand Tools : Taparia, Jhalani, Venus Pye.
HSS Drills, Cutters, and Taps : Addison.
HSS And CST Taps And Dies : Totem
HSS Tool Bits And Hacksaws : Miranda
Grinding And Cutting Wheels : Cumi, Golden Bullet, Jon Bhandari, Xtrapower
Drilling Machine, Cutting Machine, Grinding :Hikoke, Bosch, Ralliwolf, Cumi, Dong Cheng
Router : Indigo

Bench Vices : Aries
Oil Cane And Grease Gun : Prima
Engineers Steel Files : JK
Paint Spray Guns : Pilot
Safety Products : 3M
Drill Chucks : Dasmesh
Torque Wrench : Britool
Regulator Cutting Torch : Asha,
Welding Rod : Esab, Ador, Bestarc Sunbond
SS Welding Rod : Supron
Workshop Tools : Sveco, JK
Inverter Welding Machine : GB, Toshon, Rilon, Ralli Wolf

Our Products

Bearings Sales Corporation distributes bearings and power transmission products from the leading worldwide manufacturers. In addition, we offer many complementary products that are also used. At a fair price, we provide a complete line of industrial engineering products under one roof.

Bearings Sales Corporation